DANVILLE, Ill. (WTWO/WAWV) — To help thwart COVID-19 across the nation, the Sam Adams Company is offering a free beer to anyone who’s been vaccinated. For Krispy Kreme, it’s a free doughnut.

Danville Area Community College is also doing its civic duty by offering a free summer class to anyone with a CDC vaccination card.

Board Chair Dave Harby sees this new initiative as a way to support both community health and DACC enrollment. He says, “I certainly support the idea of the College playing a role to encourage more people to be vaccinated. I also think we need to let the public know that they can get back on track with their college goals by taking summer classes.”

The DACC Campus has been hosting vaccinations in March and April through the Vermilion County Health Department, with the assistance of the U.S. National Guard. As VCHD Director Doug Toole says, “DACC has stepped up to help distribute the vaccine. And with this new program to offer a free class for anyone who’s vaccinated, they’re helping advance our community-health goals at a crucial time in our war against COVID.”

To sweeten up summer course offerings, Academic Affairs Vice President Natalie Page, the division deans and the faculty are working to include a number of new face-to-face classes for the Summer term. Some of these may be compressed to fewer than the traditional seven weeks during the regular term, which begins on June 14.

DACC Registrar Timothy Morgan says that students with vaccination cards can choose any summer class—online or in-person. “They’ll have the tuition and the course fees waived for one summer class,” he says. “Their only expense may be book or lab-equipment fees.”

Students who want the free class can present their card in person or via email or even text. As Mr. Morgan says, “We just want to see the card. It won’t matter how many shots the student has had. If they’re getting vaccinated, they get the free class.”

On-campus classes during the summer will continue to require health-and-safety protocols, though, with social-distancing and masks required for vaccinated students as well as those who aren’t vaccinated.

President Nacco sees this as a good time to be vaccinated. “Students can get a free doughnut, a free beer, and then come to DACC for a free class without worrying about catching COVID.”