Josh Lum is originally from Garden City, Michigan but relocated with his family to Robinson, Illinois at a young age. Josh continued his education in Terre Haute, attending Indiana State University.

While working through college, Josh received an internship at WTWO in 2007. While attending ISU, he was offered a part-time job as a News Videographer with the TV station. Josh graduated from ISU with a bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV, and Film later that year. Josh then took a full-time position with WTWO as a News Videographer.

Lum has worked on countless news stories, and received many accolades over the years. Including winning an Indiana Broadcaster’s Award in 2008. Lum’s dedication to news gathering lead to his position as the Chief Photographer/Videographer for WTWO News.

During his free time he likes to play video games, enjoys local hiking retreats, and cook new recipes with his smoker.