Today WAWV and NBC 2 honored the best and the brightest students across the Wabash Valley.

We teamed up with Ivy Tech to host our 24th Annual luncheon Wednesday. Almost 70 students from across the Wabash Valley stepped forward for recognition. But one local high school had a crowded field at the top of the class.
Gunther VanWinkle, Jay Akins, Joe Riggs, Jessie Quick, Cole Fiscus and four others are all valedictorians at Robinson High School.

“This is a very competitive and high achieving class and I don’t know that we’ve ever had that many before,” said superintendent Josh Quick.

That’s nine valedictorians, all with a 4.0 GPA. This year is the first time nine students have achieved the highest honor at the school, but superintendent Josh Quick says it’s not a phenomenon at the school.

“It hasn’t been unusual for us to have multiple, but to have this many is unusual,” said Quick.

But don’t second guess this group’s competitive nature. They all vied for the top spot, but at the end of the year, it’s the title that matters.

“It’s nice because just as long as we get an A we still keep out 4.0,” said Jessie Quick.

“It means quite a bit. It’s nice to have other people to work with and they help us, too,” said Cole Fiscus.

Plus, having multiple valedictorians also means the work is broken up on graduation day.

“Kind of nice, I mean, helps on the speech, one minute speeches for everybody,” said Jay Akins.

Ivy Tech offered scholarships to each of the valedictorians. Along with the students, we were happy to also play host to parents and school officials.