Terre Haute Woman Loses 94 Pounds


Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.

Often, it’s easier said than done.

One Terre Haute woman accomplished those goals 2017.

Hope Beard is just a fraction of the woman she used to be. She’s lost 94 pounds.

Hope Beard, ” I mean it feels great. It does. I appreciate energy in a new way. A whole new way.”   

Hope went on the low carb, Keto Diet.

Hope Beard, “I’ve gone off my blood pressure medications.”
While improving her health was her primary goal, she now likes the way she looks.

Hope Beard, “I like shopping. It’s fun to buy clothes, I always knew I could look good in.”

Hope changed her lifestyle and is glad she did, but if you’re not quite ready to make such big diet changes, the dietitian at Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center says start small by eating out less.
Kara Wilcoxon, Dietitian, ” Once you get tot he restaurant it’s kinda up to the chef how much fat or salt that they put into things, but at home you have a lot more control over that.”
And another tip, drink plenty of water.

Kara Wilcoxon, Dietitian, “Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, it’s just that you’re actually thirsty, because the mechanism that controls hunger and thirst are basically right beside each other, so signals can quite literally get crossed.”

And remember to exercise.

Erin Gregory Vigo County YMCA, “Start off slow. You can walk, swim. You can start on the elliptical that’s low impact and be sure to incorporate stretching throughout.”

As for Hope, since losing weight, she’s ready to take on new adventures!

Hope Beard, “Losing that 94 pounds makes me be able to do things I couldn’t do before.”

She’s preparing to run her first half-marathon in May.

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