Help for Pre-diabetics


This is National Diabetes awareness month and there seems to be a lot of Americans who don’t know they’re pre-diabetic.

Their blood sugar level is not in the normal range, but not yet high enough for them to have diabetes.

But the good news, pre-diabetics can keep from getting diabetes.
Leighsa Cornwell is a diabetic educator at Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Center.

Leighsa Cornwell, “We educate patients on how take care of themselves regarding diabetes. We also explain what’s going on in the body.”
But she also hopes to educate people on how to prevent diabetes in the first place.

Leighsa Cornwell, “There are 86 million Americans that are pre-diabetics, but 90 percent don’t realize they have pre-diabetes.

So, the first step is visiting your doctor and getting your blood sugar level tested.
Dr. Edward Rico treats diabetic patients and says a large study shows. Pre-diabetes can often be reversed through lifestyle changes.

Dr. Edward Rico, “These patients demonstrated a 58% reduction from pre-diabetes to diabetes in a 4 year period.”
Those lifestyle changes include 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week, moderate weight loss and eating a healthier diet.
Leighsa Cornwell, “Eat lots of non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, those kids of things, lots of lean meats like chicken without the breading, turkey. Try staying away from sugary drinks.”
There’s also medication that can help.
Dr. Edward Rico, “And there’s no reason we can’t use both.”
Use both lifestyle changes and medication because in the long run, preventing diabetes, is better than having to treat it.

If you would like to learn more about managing prediabetes Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Center is hosting a special program.

This free program is titled: “Take Charge Now: Manage Pre-diabetes.”

It will teach people to manage their sugar level to keep them from becoming diabetic or at least slow the progression.

The event will take place Tuesday November 14 from noon to 1:30 central time at Step Station and includes lunch.

For more information or to register call 217-466-4228.        

Again, the program is free, but you do need to register ahead of time.

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