A young man who brings a whole new meaning to bravery.

11-year-old Josiah Richey, has been diagnosed with stage 4 Brain Cancer.

Josiah has beaten this once before, but after a childhood of fighting, it has come back with a vengeance.

Which why his family is making this summer about quality and living life to the fullest.

He’s a rockstar with a big heart.

“A soft, caring, jokester,” says Josiah’s dad, Fred Richey.

Josiah Richey enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games, and is always making the best out of every situation, like wearing his eye patch.

In August of 2013, Josiah and his family learned he had a brain tumor located on his brain stem.

Josiah went through months of radiation therapy, but didn’t let it stop him from still making it to school.

“He would have IV body guards at school. They would help walk him down the halls at school, so he could be safe,” says mom Angela Richey.

Just a few months ago, Josiah started getting seizures, one lasting for more than an hour.

“He had a really bad hour and a half long seizure on Friday, May 29th. We went to Regional Hospital and then they airlifted him to Riley, where they had done more tests and more MRI’s. He now has more tumors located through out his brain.”

“It causes my speech to be like this and cross eyed, so I see double,” says Josiah.

While some days are easier than others, he doesn’t let the disease get him down.

“I just sit down, take a couple deep breaths, then say in my brain, it’s alright.”

And while everyone else is thinking about Josiah, Josiah is thinking about everyone else.

“I remember we were in the hospital and they would come in for the hourly checks and wake him up, get him a drink or something. He could barely talk because they just took the tube out of his throat and he’s pointing over at us saying, what about mom and dad? Make sure they have something to drink.”

“Josiah is just kind of there for everyone. He’s just always trying to make everyone else smile or everybody else be happy. Sometimes you can’t tell if he is,” says Josiah’s sister, Tabitha Frizzi.

When asking Josiah what he asks for when he prays , he responded, “I just ask for healing and for people to get better.”

In 11 years, Josiah has learned what most of us struggle to figure out our whole lives, pay attention to what matters.

“Why is that important, to make sure we think of other people? Just so we can live a happy life.”

The family has a Go Fund Me account set up called “Sumer Like a Rockstar” to help Josiah have the best summer possible. Here is link to that website: http://www.gofundme.com/sumerlikearockstar

His teachers at Fuqua Elementary are also having a car wash for Josiah, which is set for June, 30th at Fuqua Elementary, from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Josiah’s family is currently spending the week in Disney World and have other plans to make this a Rockstar Summer, such as attending a Chicago Bears game and making a trip to the Creation Museum.