Physical therapists at Horizon Health in Paris, Illinois have an extra option when it comes to treating people with muscle related pain. It’s called “Dry Needling.”

The procedure involves small needles placed in muscle to help relieve tension, pain and knots.

Dry needling goes hand in hand with other physical therapy treatments.

By relieving pain, a patient is then better able stretch and strengthen muscles for a more permanent solution to their problem.

Physical Therapist Brock Athey says he’s used dry needling on everyone from athletes to senior citizens.

“I have seen some amazing things happen,” says Brock Athey. “I’ve seen athletes who had even trouble walking into the clinic jump up and slam dunk a ball when they’re done. And kids who could not stand up straight go back to playing ball within a couple of days. I’ve also seen some older patients that have chronic back pain or neck pain that’s been going on for years and through a few treatments can get their first few minutes without pain and then hopefully with the rest of therapy can get it to be more an more of their time out of pain.”

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