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Most likely you know someone who has diabetes or perhaps you have it yourself.

You need to know your blood sugar level..

Experts say detecting and then managing diabetes is important for long term good health.

Macie Snyder recently graduated from college and works hard to control her diabetes.

Macie Snyder says, “I can honestly say, the beginning was a struggle because i had to adapt to a different lifestyle.”
She watches what she eats and checks her blood sugar multiple times a day.
Snyder, “I’ve adapted to it over the past 11 years. It’s gotten a lot easier.”
Dr. Edward Rico is an endocrinologist at Paris Community Hospital Family Medical Center. He treats both adults and children who are diabetic. He says controlling diabetes is very important.

Dr. Rico says, “Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness for people younger than 75 and the leading cause of kidney failure”
Diabetics may also notice a change in sensation in their feet, perhaps numbness, tingling and burning.

Sores may not heal, so there’s an increased risk for amputation.

Diabetics are also at risk for heart disease and strokes.

All of this, is why it’s so important to keep that blood sugar under control.

Dr. Rico, “The medication we have available, both insulin and non-insulin medications, are better than they’ve ever been, so the future looks good for people with diabetes as long as they take it seriously.”

Here are some of the symptoms of diabetes..

-increased thirst and hunger.
-feeling extremely tired
-frequent urination
-unexplained weight loss
-And blurred vision

Sometimes diabetes can develop without any warning signs, so it’s important to get your blood sugar levels checked during your yearly physical.

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