SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Visitors and passersby are doing double takes and giving long stares at an art sculpture on the beach just south of the border barrier in Tijuana.

The artwork depicts a man defecating into the Pacific Ocean, and it sits at the base of Tijuana’s iconic lighthouse on a bluff just above the beach.

The artist behind the sculpture is Rocío Hoffmann, of Baja California.

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She is collaborating with Wildcoast, an environmental group based in Imperial Beach, Calif., to raise awareness about pollution in the ocean.

“They are indifferent, much of the people are indifferent they really don’t care,” said Hoffmann. “I try to paint what they are doing to the ocean.”

Her studio and art gallery are in Rosarito, about a 30-minute drive south of the border.

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Hoffmann’s work conveys a warning about residents and governments that pollute the ocean on both sides of the border, and that little is being done to stop all the trash, debris and raw sewage that ultimately flows out to the ocean after making its way from Mexico into the Tijuana River Valley and into California almost daily.

“They are doing nothing to protect the ocean, it doesn’t matter if you’re American or Mexican it’s the ocean, the animals in there, we are killing them,” she said.

Hoffmann also hopes her work helps raise awareness and promotes the need for more recycling programs in Mexico, especially when it comes to plastic bottles.

“If we don’t deal with plastics, it’s going to become a white elephant gift we leave to future generations,” she said.

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Hoffmann stated she is also pushing for new water treatment plants every time a housing development is built on both sides of the border.

Her work will be on exhibit for 30 days at various points around the city of Tijuana and its coastline.