Cadillac’s Escalade IQ will get competition in the electric full-size luxury SUV segment from Jeep.

According to a UAW document outlining the union’s latest agreement with Jeep parent company Stellantis, the current Wagoneer and its plusher Grand Wagoneer sibling will offer an electrified powertrain as soon as 2025 and a full battery electric model by 2027. The former is part of Jeep’s plan announced in 2021 to have an electrified option in all of its SUV segments by 2025.

The electrified powertrain will be a series plug-in hybrid, where a smaller battery is charged on the go by a gas engine. Fellow Stellantis brand Ram on Tuesday announced such a setup for its upcoming Ram 1500 Ramcharger series plug-in hybrid full-size truck, and it’s likely something similar will appear in the Wagoneer.

Ram’s setup in the 1500 Ramcharger combines a 92-kwh battery with a 3.6-liter V-6 acting purely as a generator. Ram quotes a range of 145 miles with the battery alone and 690 miles with the gas engine kicking in.

2022 Jeep Wagoneer2022 Jeep Wagoneer

The electrified and electric versions of the Wagoneer duo will be based on the STLA Frame dedicated EV platform for body-on-frame vehicles. The STLA Frame is one of four dedicated EV platforms first announced by Stellantis in 2021, and it also underpins Ram’s electric 1500 REV.

Wagoneers powered purely by a gas engine will continue production up to 2028, according to the document, and will be given an initial update in 2025 and a second update in 2027. Given the timing, those updates will likely coincide with the arrival of the electrified and electric powertrains.

Wagoneer production takes place at Stellantis’ Warren Truck plant in Warren, Michigan. The site will be given a $600 million upgrade to support production of the new electrified and electric versions.

Jeep last year also showed a smaller electric Wagoneer code-named the Wagoneer S. The vehicle is due on sale next year and will target the midsize luxury segment. Its smaller size will ensure the vehicle is suited for sale outside of the U.S., where lanes and parking spots tend to be narrower.

Jeep will also launch an electric Wrangler in 2028, according to the UAW document. This next-generation model, the J70 series, will also offer electric and series plug-in hybrid powertrains.

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