Dan Reynolds

Dan Reynolds joined the WTWO team in May 1993. Since then, Doppler Dan has become a fixture in weather and on Wednesday’s Technology Matters on Live at 5.

Many will recall when, because of an on-air dare, Dan spent the entire month of November 2000 working from home, including broadcasting his weekend weather reports using his home computer. The month of “dot com dan” included live reports on every newscasts and Tech Talk reports showing Dan using his computer to pay bills, order groceries and just about anything else he could think of since he couldn’t leave home for the month.

Straight out of college, Dan took a reporter’s job to get into broadcasting. He quickly moved up the ladder, serving as morning news anchor and eventually as interim News Director. He quickly accepted the opportunity to move into weather.

A member of National Weather Association and holder of the groups prestigious Television Seal of Approval, Dan stays current through continuing education and strong working relationship with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. From computer model forecasting to satellite and radar meteorology, Dan brings skills, experience and knowledge to the Valley’s most experienced and professionally recognized weather team.

Dan was awarded for his 25 years in service to the U.S. Government by The Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and The National Weather Service for his work in recording weather data.  Those statistics and descriptions are housed in the National Archives, along with weather information collected by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  The information is used in studies, to set severe criteria, building codes and insurance rates.

Dan is a member of IMBd for his appearance in the movie “Vanished.”

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