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WWII Veteran Gets Surprise of a Lifetime

Warren Wyant's home in Indianapolis was broken into a year ago and his purple heart from WWII was stolen. Soon after he moved to Bethesda Gardens in Terre Haute, where he formed a special bond with a worker who made his mission to replace the stolen badges of honor.
Just over a year ago, WWII veteran, Warren Wyant's home was broken into. His purple heart was stolen.

Shortly after the burglary Wyant moved to Bethesda Gardens in Terre Haute. That's where he met Tony Shipman, a maintenance worker, but more notably a veteran, too.

"I think you're one of the best men, best persons, in the compound," said Wyant of Shipman.

When Shipman learned about Wyant's loss, he made it his mission to replace the badges of honor.  But it wasn't easy.

"With the government shutdown, lengthy. It took months," said Shipman.

When the medals were delivered Shipman felt a weight lifted from his shoulders. But still had to keep his lips sealed until the big reveal for Wyant.

"It was kind of hard to hold back for him because we knew how much they meant to him," said Shipman.

At 92-years-old, Wyant thought he'd never be able to celebrate another Veteran's Day wearing his medals.

"I almost cried," Wyant said. "I never thought this would happen."

Bethesda Gardens has a list of each of the residents that are veterans and tells how they served our country. Wyant suggested his medals be proudly displayed next to his name.
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