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Widow Seeks Answers in Husband's Possible Homicide

Joshua Ray, 25, was found dead outside his home in Jasonville, Ind. on New Years Day. His wife, April, says she's looking for answers in his possible homicide.
A Jasonville man was found dead outside his home New Years Day, but his family says they're still looking for answers.

"Everybody always said, 'How many kids do you have?' I always said, 'Three,' because I have one big kid and my two little ones," said Joshua Ray's widow, April Ray.

April Ray described her husband as a family man. He was always enjoying playing with his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter and filling them up with his kitchen creations. But on January 1 April found her husband, Joshua Ray, dead across the street from her Jasonville home.

April says she and Joshua were enjoying New Years when several people came to their home to confront them about an argument that happened earlier that night. Then Joshua went outside, but never returned.

"I seen a truck stop in front of my house so I went outside because I thought someone was dropping him off, he left with a buddy and got dropped off," said April Ray. "Well, when I came outside they were hauling down the road, speeding like trying to get away and when I stepped outside and seen them going down the road, flying down there. That's when I found my husband across the street and it looked like someone laid him out there."

April says she and her family repeatedly asked for information from the Jasonville Police Department, and every time she gets the same answer.

"They're waiting on results," said April Ray. "Kind of hard to be patient about it when it's weeks and I still have no answers."

Our NBC 2 crew talked to the Jasonville Police Department. They told us there is no new information or suspects in the case. Another call to the Greene County Coroner didn't lead to anymore answers either. They're waiting on toxicology reports. Those could take up to a month.

"Me right now, I'm just trying to stay strong for my kids," said April Ray. "Because my daughter is daddy's girl and she doesn't really understand why he's not here. She yells for him sometimes because she doesn't understand that he's not coming back."

If you have any information on the death of Joshua Ray, you're asked to call Greene County Crime Stoppers at 812-847-5463.
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