Wheelchair and Independence Stolen from Terre Haute Teenager

Wheelchair and Independence Stolen from Terre Haute Teenager

Christopher Price suffers from a rare bone disease that has kept him in a wheelchair nearly his entire life. Monday night someone stole his customized wheelchair from his uncle's front porch at 26 and 5 Avenues.
Christopher Price is on Christmas vacation from his Vigo County high school. It's a time when you'd normally see him rolling down the streets on his way to a friend's house. But Friday, he sits at home.

"He was always going to a friend's house," said Brandi Tackett, Price's mother. "Everyone knows him by rolling around on his wheelies. Ride right through town without stopping."

"With a wheelchair I can go places," said Price. "To my friends house and everywhere else. But without it, it's hard."

His customized wheelchair was stolen off his uncle's front porch at 26th and 5th Avenue Monday night.  A rare bone disease, McCune Albright Syndrome, has kept Christopher in a wheelchair nearly his entire life.

"Scar tissue at the bones and he has multiple surgeries. He's got steel rods in both legs, all four bones. He can't get around without it (wheelchair)," said Tackett.

Christopher has modified his grandmother's wheelchair to make do. But his wheelchair was customized for his body. It took eight years for the family to get the $3,000 piece of equipment.

"It's like a sports chair," said Christopher. "I can play basketball and stuff with it and it's faster for me to get places."

"Who steals a wheelchair, you know what I mean? It's sad," said Tackett.

If you have seen Christopher's wheelchair you can contact the Terre Haute Police Department. The wheelchair is red with a black seat.

The family has set up a benefit fund to raise money for a new wheelchair for Christopher. You can stop by any Fifth Third Bank and ask for the Christopher Price Fund.
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