Water Contamination "Highly Unlikely" in Terre Haute

Water Contamination "Highly Unlikely" in Terre Haute

Over 100,000 people are without water in West Virginia due to contamination. Indiana American Water says this type of emergency is highly unlikely in Terre Haute because water comes from the ground. In West Virginia, water comes from a river.
Officials at Indiana American Water say a water contamination like the one in West Virginia is very unlikely in this area.

Over 100,000 people are warned not to use their tap water in West Virginia.

A chemical spill is the cause.

West Virginia American Water draws from a river, but here in Terre Haute the water comes from the ground.

"It's naturally filtered by the ground, the bed rock, the sand and the soil the time of water how it travels is much slower and it allows the natural Earth to clean it out like a filter," said Mitch Stauffer, Operations Superintendent of Indiana American Water of Terre Haute and Sullivan.

Stauffer says American Water has a protection plan in place in case of emergencies like this one. They pair with emergency management for the strategy.
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