Vigo County Man: "I Killed My Wife"

Vigo County Man: "I Killed My Wife"

Robert E. Spitler II, 56, is facing a murder charge in the stabbing death of his wife, Shawn. He's held without bond at the Vigo County Jail. 
A Vigo County man charged with the murder of his wife made his first court appearance on Tuesday.
The suspect in this homicide called the police himself last night, and today, in open court, said, "I killed my wife."

The man is 56-year old Robert E. Spitler II.
He was arrested without incident at his home on South 8th street in Terre Haute just before 11 last night, minutes after the 911 call.

Officers found his wife, Shawn, inside the couple's bedroom, with several stab wounds to her chest.

According to law enforcement, there were no signs of a struggle, and Spitler doesn't appear to have a criminal history.

Police say the motive in this murder is not yet known...and may never be.

"Speculation does nothing but hurt people who really care about her the most. It hurts the family. There would be nothing...that needs to be speculated about this particular case. It's just a very very unfortunate tragedy for all parties involved," said Chief Deputy Clark Cottom of the Vigo County Sheriff's Department.

"In the state of Indiana, and throughout the nation for that matter, a confession to a crime is not enough," he continued. "We have to have supporting facts and evidence so we are in that mode of gathering  there is quite a bit of work to be done."

This morning, a Vigo County Judge found probable cause for Spitler's arrest.

He'll be back in court on Friday.

Spitler's held at the Vigo County Jail without bond.
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