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Vigo Co. Jail Forms Study Committee

Overcrowding at the Vigo County Jail has been an issue for nearly three decades.
Overcrowding at the Vigo County Jail has been an issue for nearly three decades.

"When they moved into it it was actually too small and they came in and added additional bunks inside each cell house," Clark Cottom, Chief Deputy at the Vigo County Sheriff's Department said.

A solution to this longtime problem may be in sight.

A committee has been formed to examine the future of the facility and determine how to solve its overcrowding dilemma. 

"We're wanting to look at costs and design and long term planning. We want to see if this is possible in the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years," Cottom said.

The ten person committee is made up of local government and law enforcement officials.

Vigo County Commissioner Judy Anderson is part of the group she hopes the committee gets it right this time around.

"We need to build a facility big enough to handle what we have. We have six courts. Not many counties that have six courts. six courts means a lot of prisoners," Anderson said. 

Building a brand new facility may be their only option as the current building is show signs of its age with structural and other surface issues.

"It's very easy to day just add a new floor to your existing facility, but the problem with that is the plumbing the electrical the heating the cooling and a lot of other things," Cottom said. 

When decision is made they say it will not be made lightly.

"This is not just going to be somebody's opinion on what size jail we should build. We are going to go out to other counties and other communities that are similar to Vigo County and see what their numbers are how things work, we're going to inspect other facilities," Cottom said.
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