VCSC Approves Pool Location and Construction Company

VCSC Approves Pool Location and Construction Company

Monday night the Vigo County School Board voted unanimously to approve Voorhees Park as the location of the $9.8 million centralized pool. Garmong was hired for construction management and Indianapolis based, CSO will be the architect.
Voorhees Park made the final cut Monday night out of more than a dozen locations for the Vigo County School's $9.8 million centralized pool.

The school board voted unanimously to approve the location.

"We tried to find a spot that was as centrally located as possible," said Superintendent Danny Tanoos. "As we looked at 16 different sites this was the site that looked to be the most centrally located of all three schools."

Voorhees park is property of Terre Haute, which could help keep down the cost of the project. But the school board's approval is only half of the battle. Tanoos needs to city's approval to begin building on their land.

"We go to parks board in November to begin that process with them hopefully approving that site," Tanoos said.

If the city approves construction of the school's pool on it's land the school is ready to go with a construction company and architect. A committee of parents, coaches and other VCSC staff narrowed down an architect firm from 10 to hire Indianapolis based CSO. Garmong will manage the construction of the site.

"The committee, the parents, I even brought in booster club parents to talk about this," Tanoos said. "After we explained it all and looked at all the sites, they, too, supported  the site."

There are still some concerns with placing the pool at Voorhees park. There is already a skate park and playground, but Tanoos wants to assure the public that those assets to the park will not be affected by the pool and even believes there will be room for expansion after the pool is built.
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