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Valley Guitarist Picks His Way to the Top

Kade Puckett of Linton is a third generation guitarist with nearly 30 years experience. He recently took first place at a national fingerstyle guitar competition, a win that puts him in the international contest this September.
A Linton man recently took top honors at a national guitar competition.

He's a third-generation guitarist, with nearly 30 years experience playing - and is ready to share his gift with the world.

Sit back, relax... "And basically jump into an abyss of music when you get into fingerstyle guitar," said Kade Puckett.

Kade Puckett has music in his blood. His grandpa and dad both played, and now, he's winning a national award. But Kade's not just strumming along. He plays fingerstyle:

"Your thumb is...(starts playing) keeping the beat and the bass at the same time. So you can have that going....and then the top comes on you. You're playing everything by yourself," he explains.

And while he's been playing for decades, it's recently become more than just a hobby.

"For the last three years, I've not done anything but play guitar. And cook food for my kids...and mow," laughs Kade. "It wasn't going to come to me. I had to do it, and get to work and get busy. And learn as much as I can, which never stops."

And it's clear to see -- and hear -- just how much music means to him.

"Merle Travis stuff which is more thumpy.... and then there's the gypsy jazz stuff...and there's bossa nova stuff," he explains while he plays. "I mean it just goes on forever."

And Kade? Well he's just getting started.

"You can learn a ton of music by other people but I think that key thing is finding you in it and being that. Being you," he said.

This September, Kade will be competing in the international fingerstyle guitar competition.

On Friday, Kade is playing at the Players Pub in Bloomington from 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
He also has other shows and private events.

You can find more on his Facebook page, and see more videos on YouTube. 
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