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United Day for United Way Preview

Members of all Terre Haute media gather to prepare for final push for the current United Way campaign.

Preparations are underway for the United Day for United Way. It will be on January 17 as a final push to reach this year's campaign goal.

Members of all of the Terre Haute media met today at Rick's Smokehouse to be briefed on the activities.

The event will start at 7 a.m. that day and continues until 7 p.m.  Celebrities will pump gas and clean windshields at Baesler's Market all day. You can receive a discount for your fuel during that day and there are ways to help out inside the store as well.

Six brave souls will be on the roof of Baeslers, including past, present and future campaign chairs, for the full 12 hours to draw attention to the last big push for the campaign.

United Way Executive Director Troy Fears say, "Campaign is going well but this will be the final push, United Day for United Way. Our goal, again, is to raise $20,000, to be quite honest, it's probably going to be close to reaching our goal if we reach that $20,000 mark on that day. Our goal is one million, eight hundred fifty thousand dollars and it's going to come down to the very end and every dollar counts as we say."

There will be collection spots for donations to the United Way all over the area so mark your calendar for January 17 for the annual United Day for United Way.

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