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Union High School Family Hopes For a Christmas Miracle

North East School Corporation faces a financial crisis that may shut down Union High School and Dugger Elementary. A fourth grader at Dugger Elementary saved a kid's most cherished wish for her school. Her Christmas wish was to save her school.
"There's just too many memories here to let it go," said Brandee Rogers as she choked back tears.

All three of her children attend Dugger Elementary or Union High School. And so did she. And her parents. And her grandparents. But the school may be shut down at the end of the school year. Ending a multi-generation tradition. But it's a tradition Roger's youngest wants to continue.

"If they could save Dugger, that would be awesome," said Gracee Rogers. "I would just get to stay there with my friends and probably graduate from Dugger and get a diploma."

So Gracee saved a kid's most cherished wish for her school. Brandee found it Wednesday morning when she looked at her daughter's Christmas list. Right next to boots and a purse, it said to save her school.

"I just cried," said Brandee. "How am I supposed to tell her if I can't give that to her at Christmas?"

"It's a really good school," said Gracee.

So Brandee began supporting the Save UHS movement. But the committee is up against some tough numbers. It costs the district $9,000 per student each school year to keep Union open. The district only gets $6,000 per student each year from the state. That amounts to a nearly $3,000 loss per student per year for Union. The school is also well below is 398 student capacity. Only 172 students are enrolled there. But the heart of the town is that school, and it's the passion that drives these parents to Save UHS.

"I think we can do it," said Brandee. "We have a good group of family people in the town that come together to help out. I think it can be done."

Union High School and Dugger Elementary's fate will be decided at a November 25 meeting.
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