Terre Haute City Trash Pickup Running Behind

Terre Haute City Trash Pickup Running Behind

Alleys particularly hard hit by recent snow. Crews working beginning Thursday to catch up.

The City of Terre Haute is running behind on trash pickup due to the winter storm.

Routes on Monday, Tuesday and today were either called off or crews are far behind.

Republic crews will be back on the job tomorrow and work into Saturday to try to get back to normal.

Commercial and residential customers in most parts of the city should be ok but one part of town is still a bigger problem.

Mayor Duke Bennett says, "The biggest thing people have to know is if you have an alley pickup, it's unlikely they're going to be able to down the alleys. The tree limbs are hanging low, because of the weight of the snow, power lines are hanging low, these trucks simply can't go through there.  Creates all that disruptions and tears things up so you'll have to wait until the first of the week for alley pickup."

A spokesman for Wallace trash pickup says they missed Monday and Tuesday this week and will pick those up next week.

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