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Towing Companies Stay Busy in Icy Conditions

Icy conditions and heavy snowfall create obstacles for towing companies when they are working slide offs and crashes. The bad weather can freeze their equipment and even endanger the workers.
Accidents and slide offs have kept towing companies busy.

Workers at Edington Wreckers, Inc. have been working in 12 hour shifts since the snow fall began.

A semi slid off the road on State Road 42 near Brazil and was just one of many they had to rescue.

It slid on ice and hit a power line knocking out power to the house just behind it.

Lee Edington says the snow and ice can be dangerous for wreckers as well.

"Definitely the cold weather, the ice you're wenching something out, people are very inconsiderate and fly right past you so the weather plays a hard part on the wreckers and all your equipment freezing up so you have to keep everything going," said Edington.

The driver of the semi was transported to the hospital for back pain but is expected to be okay.

The semi will be removed Wednesday morning.
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