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Terre Haute Woman Successfully Navigates Healthcare Marketplace

For Maria Flores the search for affordable health insurance is finally over.
For Maria Flores the search for affordable health insurance is finally over.

"I tried to get on a regular insurance plan, but the monthly premiums were about as much as my monthly mortgage payment on the house, which i was struggling to keep because i live check to check," Flores said. 

Maria's one of only 700 Hoosiers to select a plan through the new federal healthcare marketplace since it launched in October.

A type-two diabetic, she says having health insurance can be the difference between life and death.

"I couldn't afford my medication, i couldn't afford my insulin. I was stuck. I couldn't get general assistance i couldn't get on any type of federal program so i had to go with nothing. A little while after that in 2010 i was hospitalized for several day and i nearly died," Flores said.

Nationwide just over 100,000 Americans have signed up for health coverage through the new state and federal marketplaces.

Low numbers that didn't come as a surprise.

"They don't surprise me. I think we knew early on that healthcare.gov was going to have some glitches," Pat Carney, Vice President of Employee Benefits at Old National Insurance. 

Glitches that Anthem and MDwise are looking to work around by cutting out the middle man.

"Probably in the next week you're going to see enrollment sites go live, enrollment sites at both those carriers," Carney said.

A move that carney believes will help millions of uninsured Americans looking for coverage.

Coverage Maria Flores is happy to have.

"For me getting this insurance is something I've longed for for over 10 years. To me, it's like wining the lottery," Flores said.
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