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Terre Haute Passes Tobacco Ordinance

It will now be harder for minors to buy drug or tobacco paraphernalia in Terre Haute. City council passed an ordinance Thursday requiring business that sell drug paraphernalia to purchase a $60 permit.
It will now be harder for minors to get their hands on drug or tobacco paraphernalia.

The Terre Haute City Council passed an ordinance that forces businesses selling drug or tobacco paraphernalia to purchase a permit. Those will cost $60. Profits from the permits will go back to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

That permit also allows police to come in an any time to make sure stores are following the rules.
"As long as you're complying with state law, as long as you're not selling those types of products to minors, then you won't have problems because you're following the rules," said Terre Haute City Council president, Norm Loudermilk. "This just gives the Drug Task Force some teeth to go out and do some better investigation and gives us an opportunity to protect our kids."

If a businesses gets it's permit taken away, it can be fined up to $2,500 a day as long as there is still paraphernalia on the shelves.

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