Terre Haute City Council Passes 2014 Budget

Terre Haute City Council Passes 2014 Budget

By a 4 to 3 vote the council approves an $89 million dollar budget. Increase of $600,000 over last year but Mayor says most of that will likely not be spent. State must approve the budget and indicate how much revenue it will provide.

Terre Haute's City Council passed a budget for next year at tonight's regular meeting.

By a 4 to 3 vote the council approved the total budget of around $89,000,000.

Passing it is an important step. Not doing so would have created a budget cut from the state costing any new revenue under a program called a "growth quotient."

The state has not issued the exact amount of property tax income is coming to the city, but Mayor Bennett says the final total is a conservative number.

There is a slight increase in this year's total over last year but a large part of it may not be spent.

Mayor Bennett says, "It's about a $600,000 increase but at the end of the year we will end up not spending all of that money. We always budget for what we would like to do and then we work very, very hard thoughout the year to make sure we do what we have to do. So, that's a typical budgeting process so even with the proposed $600,000 increase it will not even be near that."

The mayor says there will be no layoffs and the city's effort to get the general fund under control will continue.

The state will now review the budget and give the city a firm total of revenue within the next few weeks.

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