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Tech Talk-Stay in Touch Apps

You won't miss a thing
    One worry every traveler has is missing important mail.  The Outbox mail app for Apple devices is amazing.  It digitizes your mail several times a week.  It sends it to you where you read and handle it right from your iPhone or iPad.  The app is free, so is the first month, thereafter its 4-99 a month.  Outbox assures privacy and security.  The one limitation is its fairly new and not available everywhere yet, though they promise to expand service.  So keep checking.
    Staying in touch is what textPlus is all about and it works everywhere.  This is an amazing free app that works on every major mobile platform.  Download the textPlus app on your smartphone or tablet and use it to call and text other textPlus users.  You can also call or text anyone who doesn't have the app at rates cheaper than Skype.   And rates much cheaper than the major carriers.
    One more: Mint.  Its a free budget app that lets you keep track of expenses while you're on the go.  This way you won't overspend while on that well deserved vacation.  It's free for Apple and Android devices.
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