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Silver surfers
     The trials and tribulations of tech-challenged seniors...have become the stuff of YouTube sensations.
    Fodder for funny commercials.
    An iPad is an awfully expensive cutting board - so seniors, are flocking to classes - to get up to social media speed.
    "My social friends push me, because they want me to tweeter and twit."
    "It's a nice way to update your family."
    Around the country, sessions focus on connecting with friends and family through Facebook.
    "They send me things, I think I've responded and I haven't, and I don't get any responses back."
    "Click on it and drag it."
    Slowly but surely, seniors are embracing social media.
    For the first time ever last year - more than half of seniors were online.  A third (34%) now use social media websites.
    "Wow, I really love that."
    Interactive video programs like Skype and Facetime are building a base of silver surfers like Barbara Zack.  She uses it to connect to far away-family.
    "I can watch my grandchildren grow up.  I can watch them in their daily lives, and that to me, is priceless."
    Nancy Lemon learned to text, when her teenage grandson stopped answering his phone.
    "When I get a message from him saying I love you, you know, it just makes it all worth it."
    There's also growing research those connections are good for seniors' health.  One study found getting tech-smart can even improve cognitive abilities.
    Senior centers, libraries and college extension courses are all helping meet the growing demand for classes around the country.
    "If you can't beat them, join them."
    Even if there are a few bumps in the learning curve along the way.
    "There's something wrong."
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