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Tech Talk-NBC 2 App

For Android and Apple
    It launched May 20th and was redesigned with you in mind.
    "We actually acquired a company call Energize which has this new app, which is completely user friendly, a lot more choices for the person, things respond a lot quicker."
    Quicker access to news, weather and sports on mywabashvalley dot com.  Mywabashvalleybiz is on the app, so you can search local businesses easily.  Even better.
    "No charge."
    Download our app at GooglePlay or the iTunes App Store.   
    Our website has always been deep in new and archived video.  Our new app plays to that strength,  giving you faster loads and a clearer picture.
    "Video is the key to what we do in our world.  We talk about the three screens being tv, computer and mobile device.  So they can go and search for old stories and they're going to find them.  There's no limit to the amount of video we can have on our site."
    Now you'll never have to miss a story.  Or a forecast.  You'll see the latest weathercast, 7 day forecast and our exclusive ESP:Live radar.  And you can find out the weather for other locations too.
    Did I mention the app is free and available for Android and Apple?  Just wanted to make sure. 
    We want you to be able to access us anytime, anywhere.
    "A lot of people watch tv with their laptop on their lap and their phone in their hand, so we want to make sure we touch them on all those screens."
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