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    If you take a lot of pictures and videos, sharing them is easy with a free app and website called Dropbox.  It works on all mobile platforms and the free version gives you a whopping 2 gigabytes of storage.  Put your photos, videos and other files in Dropbox.  Then you can invite family and friends to view them as if they were on their own computer.
    Another good one is Photobucket.  You can connect all your devices to one single repository.  It even has photo-editing software.  You can share with others.  Like Dropbox, it will store all your photos and videos, meaning they are always safe and backed up.
    If you do a lot of traveling in an RV but have trouble staying connected, then try MiFi.  Most smartphones let you set up a hot spot.  Many of you can use the little MiFi card and get 4G speed through Verizon.  Similar cards are available through A-T-and-T.  Other providers let you set up your own wi-fi networks wherever you go.  So blog and share photos when you're on the go.
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