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Tech Talk-iPhone Thefts

Apple picking
    Its certainly a common sight these days...our eyes glued to that little screen.  Lost in our own hand-held, electronic world.
    (Surveillance video of crime.)
    A common sight that also makes us sitting and distracted ducks for crimes like this...commonly known as "Apple picking."  Thieves targeting our gadgets and then making off before we even realize what's happening.
    Many cities are cracking down on stolen iPhones.  Its a controversial plan in several big cities.  Police are focusing not on the crooks, but on the buyers of stolen phones.
    In New York and Washington D.C., teams of undercover officers are now posing as sellers of stolen iPhones.  They then bust the buyers.  Officials are trying to put a dent in the 30 billion dollars annually in lost or stolen phones in the U.S.
    It's a black market that's not only global, but also lucrative.  Phones resold overseas for as much as a thousand dollars each, according to the mobile security firm, Lookout.
    The crackdown has not come without controversy. Critics question not only whether it's a form of entrapment, but also if it's even effective.
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