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Tech Talk-iPhone Photo Apps

Awesome apps
    Photoshop Touch is actually available for both the iOS and Android platforms.  This app gives you an enormous range of editing tools.  Like its desktop cousin, you work in layers.  You can perform sophisticated editing like background removal using Photoshop's refine tool.  This app is especially useful on tablets, where you have a big enough screen to really edit with ease.
    If you're going to share photos on Facebook then check out Grid Lens.  This app lets you easily create preformated or custom formatted collages from existing images on your phone.  You create the collage in real-time.  Click on the inside of the grid where you want your image to appear, then take the picture.  Move to each grid and you instantly create a great collage you can upload directly to your social networks.
    Another great tool for adding visual drama is Noir Photo.  This is great for creating those artsy, moody black and white photos.  Import your photo to the app and convert it to black and white or other sepia tone.  Once done the app allows for really cool lighting effects.  You can actually place lighting on your subject as though you took the photo with studio lighting in place.
    If you have an older iPhone you may have to settle for AutoStitch.  The app lets you take multiple images and then stitch them together to create a single panoramic image.  It can be saved as a JPEG.  They're clear and can be custom sized and cropped before exporting.
    Finally, ColorSplash is another great app for creating high impact black and white photos.  Where Noir Photo allows the creation of lighting where none existed, ColorSplash lets you selectively color black and white images.  Import a color photo taken on your phone, then use your finger to paint over the part of the image you wish to keep in color.  The rest of the photo converts to black and white.  Your eyes will be drawn to the color portion of the photo.  Sounds difficult, but the software will do the work for you.  It just takes a few minutes.
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