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Tech Talk-Instagram Adds Video

15 seconds worth
    Your Instagram feed is getting a jolt.
    "I'd like to introduce Video on Instagram."
    Video marks the next frontier for the photo-sharing app, which Facebook bought in April for one-billion dollars.
    Last week's announcement did not come as a surprise to most tech-watchers, especially as Vine continues to grow in popularity.  Vine is owned by twitter.
    "We need to do to videos what we did to photos.  It's got to fit in."
    Despite comparisons to Vine -- Instagram said Thursday they've been working on a video feature since 20-10.
    Users will notice minimal cosmetic changes to the Instagram app.  The most obvious, an added icon when users are ready to point and shoot.
    "What you'll notice is, it's the same screen, but now you've got a video icon in the bottom right."
    Instagram videos will allow for video clips that are 15 seconds long, 9 seconds longer than Vine's six-second clips.
    Part of Instagram's allure has been photo filters, and with the launch they've added 13 specifically designed for video.
    And its taken another jab at its main rival.  The Instagram video features will be available to Apple and Android users right off the bat.  Unlike Vine, which arrived for iPhone in January, but Android just this month.
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