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Tech Talk-Hackers

Are you a target?
    It's the site where deal hunters go for discounts on everything from rounds of golf to spa treatments.
But in late April more than 50 million members of Living Social learned they'd been hacked.  Their names, email addresses and birth dates had been stolen.  Encrypted versions of their passwords may have been compromised.
    John Pozadzides tests online security for businesses by seeing how easy it is for him to hack them.
    "It's a very attractive target...now that they have all of these passwords and ids they can try and use them on all the other sites where they are really valuable."
    That's why Living Social required users to change their passwords.  If you're one of those users and use that same password on another site - like online banking - you better change it.
    "Its so important to use different passwords on each site that you log into.  That way if one of them is compromised, you aren't compromised across the entire Internet."
    We can also help ourselves by making our passwords more difficult for hackers to decode.
    "Even going from, say, six characters to seven characters could mean the difference between going from days to years to crack them, especially if you throw in some special characters like an asterisk or period."
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