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Tech Talk-Google Glass

Not exactly stylish
    It might be sunglasses season, but soon you might be seeing a different type of eyeglass out there.  These won't exactly make you look cool.  Google Glass is that futuristic set of glasses that puts a small computer screen in front of your face.  These glasses are being tested by a select few around the world, before a full commercial rollout.
    Why wear something uncool?  Well, we're always looking down at our phones.  So, why not just look up?  Why not have it right in front of our eye?
    A little screen sits right above your eye -- but don't worry, it doesn't impact your vision.  You can see text and email messages and incoming calls right on it.
    You can also do "real-time" Google searches and the answers pop up right in front of you.
    You control these glasses by doing some odd looking things.  Tilt your head to turn them on.  When you see the display say: "Okay Glass, take a picture."  Boom, it's taken a picture.  No phone needed.
    You can see how it might be useful for someone who has their hands full.  But it might be a while before you're wearing these.
    Google is testing the Explorer Edition with those willing to pay 15-hundred-dollars. 
    Let's just hope the battery life goes up and the price comes down when launched later this year.
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