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Tech Talk-Fitness Apps 2013

Healthy tech
    Map My Ride is the app to get if cycling is your thing.  It uses your smartphone's GPS capabilities to track, map and measure your ride.  You can even share and compare routes with other bicycling buddies.  The app also lets you keep track of your food.  It counts calories for you so you can add nutrition to your training schedule.
    For runners, the Map My Run app does the same thing.  Same with Map My Walk for those power walkers out there.  All the "Map My" apps work on all major mobile platforms, Apple, Android and Blackberry.
    If you are a female and your idea of a workout is the gym, check out the Nike Training Club app.  It teaches and logs full body workouts, with detailed instructions.  Free for Apple and Android devices.
    For men and women gym rats, try the Fitness Builder app.  The app is a free download and you get one month free, afterwards there's a membership fee.  It's like a virtual personal trainer and walks you through hundreds of exercises and drag and drop workout plans.  For Apple and Android.
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