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Looking for love
        Online dating sites and apps have multiplied over the last decade.  Social networking sites have added even more ways to meet people.
        Pew researchers have found we're giving digital dating a more positive view than in their last study in 2005.
        "The stigma around dating online and meeting people online has really decreased substantially since the last time we asked about this.  So the last time we studied this subject less than half the public agreed that online dating was a good way to meet people.  Now 60 percent of the public agrees that that's the case."
        Still, there are pitfalls.
        "A specific downside that we heard about was people getting contacted in a way that was uncomfortable or harassing, and that was particularly prominent among women."
        Another frequently cited downside -- misrepresentation in a profile or other communication.  Whether meeting online or off-line, the risks can be the same.
        "Much like real-life dating, there's downsides, there's disappointments.  There's things that you get into and maybe realize they're not as good as you thought they would be."
        The digital era also means more than three-in-ten Internet users are searching for information.  They're looking at a social networking site or search engine to find out more about their date.


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