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Comics going strong
        From Superman to Wolverine, the leap from shelf to the silver screen is usually good for comic books.
        "It keeps people in the general public who wouldn't necessarily think of them, constantly aware of them."
        But for anything in print these days, its smaller screens that can be vexing.  Smartphones and tablets, driving bookstores out of business, and forcing a tidal change to the newspaper industry.
        But comic book lovers like Matt Klokel see digital as an opportunity.
        "I've selected "Batman: Long Halloween."  It's a classic comic.  I recommend you read it highly."
        Apps like Comics by Comixology offer easy access to comics classic and new.  It offers more than 30 thousand titles across multiple publishers -- some free, some for purchase.  The app adds new dimension to traditional comic book art.
        "This is like watching a movie on your screen."
        Major players Marvel and D-C have their own apps for smartphones and tablets.
        Klokel says the industry is adapting at a pace that satisfies the digitally-savvy newcomer.  Doing so without leaving the old-school comic diehard behind.
        "Now all of a sudden people are reading comic books who wouldn't before.  And where do they go to talk about a comic book, where do they go to get advice about a comic book, where do they go to get a collection of comics that they can put on their shelf?  They come to a comic book store."
        Forging an alliance between tradition and technology.
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