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Tech Talk-Back-to-School Tech Spending

Smartphones and tablets these days
    There are plenty of summer days still ahead, but retailers are already eyeing the fall return to classrooms and campus.
    The bulk of back-to-school dollars will go towards new clothes and accessories.  A survey finds more than half of families will buy electronics, ringing up about 8-point-four-billion-dollars in sales.
    Spending on tablets and smartphones is more synonymous with back-to-school than ever before.  Parents want to make sure that their children have the smartphones and tablets that they need for the upcoming school year, and I think part of that is because they know that keeps their children off of their devices."
    And the biggest chunk of a household's back-to-college budget -- electronic devices.
    The National Retail Federation found back-to-school and back-to-college spending is expected to drop versus last year.  Consumers are weighing spending decisions more carefully.  With that in mind, retailers may price accordingly.
    "Many retailers will actually offer great promotions on tablets this year, and I think for parents that are looking for a good deal, this is a great time to invest in those types of devices, maybe along the lines of the type of deals we see during the Christmas season."
    Two-thirds of shoppers will hit discount retailers for their purchases.  Nearly four-in-ten will do shopping through online and mobile channels.
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