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Tech Talk-Back-to-School Shopping Apps

Shopping made easier
        Its the second-biggest season of the year for retailers.  The average American household with school-age children is expected to spend 635 dollars on back-to-school items.
        If you find back-to-school shopping as overwhelming as the Christmas rush, consider some apps to help.
        Retail Me Not and Yowza are two mobile apps that draw in discounts, coupons and deals, based on your location.  Users simply scan coupons from the phone at checkout.
        The Shoptopia app is also location-based, finding the nearest stores and discounts.  There's also a search function if you're looking for a deal on a specific item like shoes or clothes.
        Shopkick also upgraded it's app to allow shoppers to buy from a variety of major retail partners.  Users also collect reward points as they shop, to  be redeemed for gift cards and other purchases.
        The Key Ring app lets users ditch store loyalty cards by scanning them and putting them in one place.  The app also features a shared shopping list function so families can see who's buying what.
        Some will do the bulk of their back-to-school shopping from an individual retailer.   Check to see if the store has an app.  They may offer mobile discounts and deals.
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