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Tech Talk-Apple WWDC in Focus

Shiny New Apples
    It was the first major product announcement by Apple since last October's iPad Mini launch.
    CEO Tim Cook and other Apple luminaries spoke at the kickoff of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.  Its an annual gathering hosted by the tech giant.
    The big headline for mobile - a fresh look for the I-O-S operating system.
    I-O-S 7 has a new typeface, new icons, and new colors.  Layers and translucency give more dimension on-screen.  The Safari browser has been improved as well.  It rolls out this fall to Apple users on iPhone 4 or later, and iPad 2 and later.
    There's lots of competition in the streaming music market - Pandora, Spotify and Google's most recent entry.  Apple introduced its own iTunes radio -- available for the mobile devices, Apple T-V and Macs.  It will be free with ads, without ads for iTunes match users.
    Apple also unveiled the 10th version of its Mac operating system - O-S-X Mavericks.
    There's also a new look for Apple's Safari browser, and a new Macbook Air boasting longer battery life.
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