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Shopping Intrudes on Tradition

Black Friday deals are starting before you can even clean up you Thanksgiving feast this year. Would you give up family time to snag the best deals?

Black Friday is known for getting up before the sun to snag the best deals on presents. But now, the shopping frenzy is intruding on your family feast.

Your turkey and stuffing has barely enough time to settle before Kohl's opens their doors at 8:00 Thanksgiving night. Walmart won't be closed on turkey day, but they'll start lining up for the sales at 2 A.M. Friday. While some stores, like Game Stop, are sticking with the Black Friday tradition. They open their doors at midnight for sales. Honey Creek mall begins at 5:00 Friday morning.

So we went to ask people of the Wabash Valley how they felt about shopping intruding on tradition.

"I very much dislike it. I think Thanksgiving is for family. I don't believe people need to be shopping this early. There's plenty of time for shopping," said Rose Klein.

"Black Friday should be Black Friday. Thanksgiving is for the family. Everyone to be at home. It doesn't matter who you are. I don't think you should be at work. You should be enjoying it," Joe Walton said.

"It's too bad to see traditions going by the wayside and it's a sign of the times so it's hard to get excited one way or another," said Owen Hanna.

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