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Shoppers start stocking up for cold temps, snow

Grocery stores in the area saw an uptick in shoppers Friday ahead of anticipated record low temperatures and snow.

People in the Wabash Valley are taking heed of the early warning about winter weather and stocking up on necessities.

We paid a visit to Baesler's Market in Terre Haute to see what the hot items are and how people are preparing for some time indoors.

"We've been selling a lot of milk and bread today, all the essentials--a lot of eggs, a lot of butter. And I think everybody is just getting ready for a big [winter] storm and getting all their essentials," says Kyle DeHart, a supervisor at Baesler's.

Grocery stores were packed Friday with customers stocking up ahead of anticipated record low temperatures and even more snow.

DeHart says the store had to call in some workers to help handle the influx of shoppers.

Some customers we talked to say they're loading up for an extended stay indoors, while others were just out to get the basics.

"Everything that you need for about a week. So that includes a little of everything," says Larry Reck.

"Just the staples. I have plenty of meat, so they've got some great sales here so I'm stocking up," says Miriam Lubinski.

When the temps drop outside everyone seems to agree on the same meals to warm up inside.

"I wanted to make sure I had stuff for Sloppy Joes, and I wanted to have some lunch meat and chicken, things like that for dinner and a big pot of chili maybe," says Lori Hoffman.

"Mostly baking supplies, stuff for chili," says Barbara Pell.

Lubinski agrees. "Pretty much chili. That's one of my specialties that I make. And vegetable soup."

"My wife, Sherri, makes a good soup and I really enjoy that. And some hot tea, that'll warm anything up. That'll de-freeze, defrost, the works!" says Reck.

Baesler's staff says they'll remain open 24-7 in the coming days.

If you still have some supplies to get, we're hearing from viewers that grocery stores throughout the Wabash Valley are already running low on bread and meat.

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