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Sheriff's Department Partners with National Guard for Humvee Rescues

The Vigo County Sheriff's Department is working with Indiana Air National Guard 181st to help stranded motorists and rescue those without power.
Nearly a foot of snow dumped on the Wabash Valley this weekend. High snowfall and wind have caused a mess every where. Vigo County officials have asked residents to stay off the roads.

A travel advisory is in effect in Vigo County, limiting travel to emergency situations. But that didn't stop Edward Wright.

"I was trying to get back home from a friend's house," said Wright.

Sheriff Greg Ewing and his deputies have been out on the roads since the snow started falling. The sheriff himself even had to be rescued by the Indiana Air National Guard.

"I was stuck on 641 for two hours," the sheriff said.

County officials have asked residents to stay off the roads so they can assess the streets and get them cleared quicker.

"We're not sitting inside. We're out actually boots on the ground taking a look at how hazardous it is," Sheriff Ewing said. "How hazardous it is to public safety."

The county commissioner and emergency management can declare a road closed, but it's a community effort to make the final determination.

"We'll poll my folks out in the field, what they're seeing and what the conditions are, whether travel is too hazardous," said Sheriff Ewing. "Whether we can get around, I mean those are all things that are taken into consideration."

Sheriff Ewing said he expects the travel advisory to be downgraded later on Tuesday. But if you're beginning to get cabin fever, just take it from someone with experience.

"Definitely not, definitely not going to happen," said Wright.

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