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Schools Prepare for Cold Temps

Schools around the Wabash Valley are preparing for cold temperatures. Linton-Stockton superintendent, Nick Karazsia, says he braves the temperatures early in the morning before sending out his students out in the cold.
The cold weather means that some students could be getting an extended winter break.

Students standing out at bus stops or even walking to school are a main concern for both parents and administrators at schools.

We talked with several school districts to ask what their plans of action are with the cold weather.

Nick Karazsia, Superintendent at Linton-Stockton schools, said he gets out in the weather himself to make his decision.

"I'll drive, for example, yesterday I got up early. I usually get up at 4 a.m., 4:30, and go out and drive the routes then see what they're like and come back in and then wait a while and go back out again because you never know with weather even though it can be predicted, things can move in rather quickly," Karazsia said.

Vigo County Schools Superintendent Danny Tanoos said if there are subzero temperatures and snow fall, schools will be delayed at a minimum. He expects to make that decision Sunday afternoon.
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