School Delays and Closing Impact Classroom Time

School Delays and Closing Impact Classroom Time

School buses in Vigo County won't be running Tuesday. That's because the district has already canceled school

If you follow superintendent Danny Tanoos on Twitter, you know the Vigo County School Corporation has seen its fair share of delays and closings already this winter.

"I tweet that right away," Tanoos said. 

The sub-zero wind chill Monday morning stopped several of the district's buses before they even got started, meaning another shortened day for students.

"We have 17 buses this morning that wouldn't start and had trouble. We had other buses who had frozen doors on them, even the fire escapes were frozen," Tanoos said.

It was the same story for students at the Terre Haute Montessori School.

The private academy follows Vigo County schools when it comes to closings and delays.

"You almost expect that every day due to the terrible sub-zero temperatures you're going to be delayed because it's so cold outside," Lori Kerns, principal of the Terre Haute Montessori School said.

Expected delays, with expected problems.

"It does shorten our work time. Normally our work time would be a two hour work time, so now it shortens down to maybe an hour or hour and a half of work time," Kerns said.

And that's not all.

"I think it's frustrating for parents. We try to cooperate with them, explain to them about it," Kerns said.

It's tough on grandparents like Susan Vandeventer as well.

She drops her grandson off at kindergarten each day, but it seems it's always at a different time.

"I didn't know there was a two hour delay, and i dropped him off an hour early," Vandeventer said.
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