School Bus Disaster Drill Offers Valuable Training

School Bus Disaster Drill Offers Valuable Training

First responders headed to the Clark County, Illinois Fairgrounds on Saturday to take part in a disaster drill that involved a loaded school bus and multiple injuries.
It's a scene no one wants to see: a loaded school bus involved in a serious accident - and fuel spilling onto the ground below.

But that was the scenario for first responders in Illinois, at a training session at the Clark County Fairgrounds.
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"This incident is all based on real time. We're not short-cutting anything. We're not going to ad lib very much. All the responding units are going to be showing up in real time. If it takes them 20 minutes to get here from the time we call them, they're not gonna show up for 20 minutes," explains training officer Rob Knott.

Paramedic Erick Wheeler adds: "We can have anywhere from severe head injuries where your patient is totally unconscious. You can even have a few deaths as well. Then you have the least injured, clear down to just a simple bruise or small laceration.

It's difficult at times to get it set up to where you keep everybody safe as a responder and yet you can still treat your patients," he continues. "You have to organize it to where you don't have a mass congestion as you've got ambulances coming in and out taking patients to the hospital."

Sonja Prevo, manager of the Marshall Ambulance Service says: "Lifeline is a great organization to participate in these kinds of things. And it's good for all of us to work together and practice."

"This gives our department, our fire and rescue guys, our EMTs, our paramedics, and even our law enforcement a better understanding of what we would have to do in this event," said Knott."Because thankfully, we've never had this event come into play."

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