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Robinson Community Helps Police Find Escaped Prisoner

Police have found Jared Carter. He escaped last Friday from a state prison in Robinson, Illinois
Police have found Jared Carter. He was stopped by police as he walked down a street in Palestine, Illinois.

Carter escaped last Friday from a state prison in Robinson, Illinois

"We've been working 24/7 and countless hours. Staff running on twelve hour shifts. Some of them running non-stop," Illinois Dept. of Corrections Chief Public Safety Officer Brad Curry said. 

Authorities there have blocked roads, searched fields, checked every house in Robinson  and made contact with almost every resident there, like Rita Vanwinkle.
"There were down the sidewalk down this way. They were across the street. They were up here at the corner. Yea, they were doing a pretty thorough search," Vanwinkle said.
The heavy police presence in the community the past few days has been welcomed by residents.

"Even yet still today they're going up and down the street in vans," Vanwinkle said.
Once news spread on Friday that a prisoner had escaped, Robinson High School went into a soft lockdown and school dismissal was delayed to ensure student safety.
"We let our students text their parents and tell them it would be a late stay and there was also a sky alert message sent by our superintendent," Robinson HS Principal Troy Hickey said.
Tuesday school dismissed at its regular time, but additional security was brought in. 

"Just the mere presence of the doc people this morning local law enforcement and our staff in the parking lots and at the doors as our students entered the building today and as they exit this afternoon," Hickey said.

Having covered all of their bases, police knew it was only a matter of time before Carter was caught and returned to jail.

His inevitable return will happen sooner or later," Curry said.

Carter is currently being held in the Crawford county, Illinois jail.

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