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Road Crews Battle First Snow

INDOT began preparing for Indiana's first winter storm of the year before Thanksgiving. They're slogan for this winter is "Know before you go."

Crews from the Indiana Department of Transportation have had their eye on Indiana's first winter storm since before Thanksgiving. They have several crews that started Thursday night and will rotate every 12 hours.

"Know before you go," said Cher Elliott from INDOT.

That's what INDOT wants you to know before you hit the roads this winter. INDOT has been preparing for Indiana's first winter storm for weeks. They also prepare just before the first snowflake falls with patrols.

"While they're out there what they're doing is they're watching the weather conditions. They're monitoring air and pavement temperatures as well as wind speed, moisture in the air, and then they also keep an eye on the sky for precipitation that's beginning to fall," said Elliott.

Patrol crews drive routes throughout the city before snow falls so that salt and plow crews can stay ahead of the storm.

"The patrol unit is feeding back data the entire time," said Elliott. "Then, as we begin to see either slick spots beginning to form or beginning to receive some heavy precipitation then all trucks will go out and man their areas."

If INDOT knows a storm is coming, they pre-treat the roads. That means they send out crews with a salt mixture to cover the roads so when snow and ice begin falling, it melts as soon as it hits the roadways.

"We've learned over the years that the most difficult part about snow and ice removal is chipping away at any ice forms on the roadway so having that pre-treatment available is huge savings. It reduces the amount of hours and salt that has to be used in the snow and ice removal process," Elliott said.

INDOT is also keeping up with the times. When they receive word back from crews on road conditions they also update their Facebook and Twitter. They also have developed an interactive map on their website with updated road conditions.

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