Riverton Parke Student Wins Award

Riverton Parke Student Wins Award

Kelly Dressler one of 800 around the country to be honored for community service. Sponsored locally by WAWV and Fuson Automotive the money is provided by ABC through their 60 affiliates around the country.

A Riverton Parke student doing something for the community is being rewarded.

WAWV and Fuson Automotive congratulates Kelly Dressler for winning the 2013 ABC Summer of Service Award.

She is one of 800 students from around the country who won a thousand dollar prize.

Kelly and other members of the Riverton Parke Future Farmers of America chapter devised a box that provides a nesting place for barn owls.

Those birds are nearly extinct. This project will help reverse that trend by giving the owls a protected place to flourish.

Kelly describes the box, "You keep like nesting supplies in here, just like, the same as a bird's nest and they come in here but it's also a small hole so like their predators and stuff cannot get at them."

Kelly will use the money to build new boxes and begin saving for video recording equipment to monitor the owl's progress.

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